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Does your child love horses!  Summer camp is a good place to introduce your child to horses.  Our summer camp gives a boy or girl the opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of horse care,  safety practices around horses and the joy of a relationship between horse and rider.  Our camps are non-competitive, skill-oriented and we pride ourselves on giving our riders sound, safe information and practice with horse care and riding.

Why not make your child's dream come true and sign them up for one of our many camps.  We strongly believe that what we teach people here enriches their lives with positive relationships between other children, horses and the staff.

All camps are scheduled Monday through Friday.

2019 Summer Camps

What makes PonyPal's so special?  Building confidence and ensuring safety is our number 1 goal for these little ones ages 4 to 8.  We achieve that by having a staff member from HHR lead each horse while the children are riding.  Each child gets 1 on 1 instruction and attention.  We see kids on the first day timid and scared to ride or groom a horse, but by the end of camp they are confident and wanting to come back for more!

PonyPals--(ages 4-8)  2 1/2 hour camp
This camp is designed just for younger kids (4 - 8 yr. olds) and makes for a great introduction to horses in a fun and safe environment.  Your child(ren) will learn all about grooming and how to ride a horse.  Crafts and snacks are also included.  

    July 22 - 26      9:00 am -  11:30 am      FULL                      
           Early Bird  Discount Cost: $125 after May 15th $140

All Ages Horsemanship Camp--(ages 7 - 14)
This camp is great for families with several siblings or parents looking for a longer camp for 7 - 8 year olds.  PonyPals will still be "on lead" while riding.  No riding experience needed.  Free water bottle for all campers.  This camp is similar to our Horsemanship camps. (Below)            
June  24 - 28th      8:30 am - 12:00 pm        FULL  
Aug.  5th - 9th         8:30 am - 12:00 pm        FULL

    Early Bird discount Cost: $175, after May 15th $190 

Horsemanship Camp--(ages 9-14)
No riding experience needed.  During this camp your child(ren) will learn how to be safe around horses, learn all aspects of horses and enjoy riding each day. Riding skills are taught in a fun and progressive way.  Riding, grooming, horse related activities, and crafts are all part of this fun camp!  Free water bottle for all campers. 

July 8th  -  12th     8:30 am - 12:00 pm         FULL          
        Early bird discount Cost: $175, after May 20th $190


A summary of age appropriate activities for each type of horse camp is show below.

Content                           PonyPals                                       Basic                   

Horse care/knowledge        some                                             more  

Crafts                                      x                                                  x            

Horse Chores                    some                                              x  

Obstacle Course                   x                                                  x            

Mounted Games                  x                                                some         

Trail Riding                           x                                                longer                   

How to Register--

 To download our Summer Camp registration form click on the link just above this message.  (If you are having trouble opening the registration form, e-mail Lisa at LHoteling@hotmail.com to request the form that way.)

 Return the completed form by snail mail.  Early-bird  payment must be made by May 15th.  Our camps are often filled well in advance of their deadlines.  Registrations will be accepted in the order in which they are received.  Sign up early.  Don't be left out!


The entire payment may be sent in along with your registration form.  If you are signing up for more than one camp you may send a  deposit of $100 for each week of camp is required at the time of registration.  The balance of the amount due for camp is payable on the first day of camp. 

Send your form and check to: Harmony Hill Ranch, 751 Dimmock Hill Rd. Binghamton, NY 13905.


No cash refunds will be made in the event of cancellation for any reason.  You may be able to transfer your credits to another week, to another person or to upcoming "mini camps" or riding lessons.  No refunds available during the week of camp when rider is participating.


Long-timed, experienced and well trained school horses will be provided for all camps.

What to wear--

Each camper must have some type of boots with a 1/4 heel for safety reasons.  
Long pants and T-shirt/sweatshirt.   Campers can bring their own water bottle and snacks. Lite snacks will be provided.

Professional Staff--

Lisa Hoteling, owner of HHR will coordinate all camps programs. With over ten years of teaching in public schools, combined with twenty-five years of horse experience,  your child will be in good hands.  Each child will grow in areas of  physical strength, self-esteem and confidence.  Additional staff will be on hand to insure that your child has a safe and rewarding experience at our camps.
E-mail for more information 
Summer Camps
"My daughter Ella was in the summer camp program and loved it. Lisa does a phenomenal job with the kids".

Thank you,  Jessica
Our guest speaker Mike who is a Farrier demonstrates and teaches about shoeing a horse and the importance of good horse care.
Campers learning to ride with Lisa
Craft time!
"My daughter Delaney had such a great time at camp last year and she is looking forward to coming again this year."   Kathy
Trail Riding 
Our daughter, Libby is 9.  She did a summer camp at your stables.  I wanted to thank you for the wonderful education you provided to her.  It was her first exposure to horses and she had a fantastic time.  The education really paid off when we went  
to Hawaii and decided to do a sunset trail ride (1 ½ hours)  We wondered how Libby would do but clearly did not need to worry.  She was confident in the saddle, and handled her horse with confidence as well.  Our guide complimented her several times, told us repeatedly during the ride how great she was doing and pulled my husband and me aside at the end and told us we should really try to keep her involved with horses as she was and “excellent rider”.  She told us she was very impressed by Libby’s handling of her horse and her posture in the saddle and her obvious comfort with the ride.  I should mention that this was not considered to be a nose to tail ride.  We, of course, talked about your program and told the guide how pleased we were with the education she got at your camp.
  Can’t thank you enough!  One of our favorite memories of our Hawaii trip was this horseback ride and I have no doubt that the education Libby received at your camp made all the difference.
Julia, Mom