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Our riding lesson program is offered to children and young teens from beginner to intermediate levels of skill.  We offer English and Western lessons with a high standard of safety and professionalism.  We believe in using the Natural Horsemanship approach which teaches the individual to use kindness, learn to read the horses behavior and gain leadership skills to have a positive experience with such a large animal.  

Our instructors are upbeat, progressive and teach a progressive style of classical riding techniques.  We strive to make each lesson fun and safe for all students.

Horseback riding lessons introduce students to the following:

     General responsibilities of owning a horse; developing safe handling skills of horses
       Developing the equestrian knowledge, skills and coordination to "tell a horse what to do"
       Develop leadership skills that can transfer over to real life situations

Some people might think it doesn't take much skill to ride a horse. It all depends upon how much an individual wants to get out of the experience of riding a horse.  Riding lessons can help individuals to learn a lot about himself and how to become more effective in life in general.

PonyPals 1 & 2:  (ages 4 - 8 yrs. old)   Our lesson program strives to develop the child's confidence as they learn the basic skills of riding.  The instructor handles the horse with a lead rope to ensure safety. "Seat lessons" develop the child's core body muscles and coordination required for riding. Fun games on horseback are also a favorite thing to do.  

As the students grow to ages 7 & 8 and who have progressed enough in their skills will learn to control their horse with less help from the instructor.  Our progressive approach challenges each student to learn and grow at their own pace.

Children come once a week on either Mondays or Fridays.  30-minute private lesson.  E-mail for available times.  
Price: Monthly payment of either 4 lessons $120/5 lessons $150, depending on the month.  

Youth: (ages 9-18 yrs. old) Youth learn all about being safe on the ground with horses as well as riding them.  We offer a four level skills program.  So whatever skill level they are, we can continue to challenge them.  

Riding days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  5 pm or 6 pm.  E-mail for availability. times.   Prices:  Monthly payment is required at the beginning of each month, depending on the month you pay either: 
4 lessons $140/5 lessons $175. One hour, weekly lesson.

How to sign up for lessons.   Please e-mail Lisa with your contact information and she can let you know what openings are available.  Generally at the start of each month is our starting point for monthly lessons.   From April - December is our peak time.   Riders should not exceed 160 pounds and be in good physical shape.

What to wear for riding lessons.  Long pants and 1/4 inch heeled boot.  Helmets are provided if you don't have one.  
Local Tack Stores: Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Shuppards (Sidney, NY)
On-line Stores:  Statelinetack.com, SmartPak.com

Cancellation and Make-Up Policy.
#1.  If you have to cancel your lesson, please try to give your instructor at least a 24 hour notice before the scheduled lesson time.   Make up lessons are available on other days, ask your instructor when she has an opening during the week. 
#2.  If  your child is sick from school on the day of her/his lesson, call by NOON or  you will be charged.  A “no-show” is expected to pay for that lesson. “No-Shows” are defined as anytime a student/parent fails to notify their instructor .   
 #3.  If your instructor cancels the lesson or it’s a holiday, a special make up day/time will be offered for those riders wanting not to miss a week of riding.  

• Weather Cancellations: if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, your instructor will cancel the lesson.  Your instructor will email/text you if she cancels the lesson. This credit will be applied to the following month or you can make up the lesson at another time.

""Thank you so much for all the time and care you have given to my son Keiran.  Your gift has been at least as much to me, as Keiran’s mom, as it is to Keiran.  Watching one’s child navigate complex and dynamic challenges with assertiveness, calmness, self-reflection and perseverance is just about as good as it gets.  Thank you for that."

With respect and appreciation,
Julie & Keiran

"The riding lessons at HHR significantly helped my six-year old gain confidence.  Her instructor is experienced, enthusiastic, and caring." 
Jean K. (Mom) 

Our motto is "everything is possible for those who believe"
Riding Lessons
Gift Certificates are available anytime of the year.

E-mail for more information

"It was so nice to see Jenna finally accomplishing cantering.  Wow, what a great job! "

"Jenna had a couple bad spills when she was younger -- at the other stable, which is why she was having such a hard time accomplishing her goal of cantering. She really wanted to do it, but memories just held her back."

"Lisa, I can see you are a born teacher! You have the skills and talent that really works with your students. Thank you so much for all you do."

"Jenna’s love for animals and nature will certainly influence her future career path. Your influence enhances her abilities. "


Arlene N., Jenna’s Gt Gma

"Our daughter Sydney started riding lessons 3 years ago at HHR and it has been the greatest connection she has ever made.  Sydney's passion for horses has doubled with her time at the ranch; she has grown in her riding ability, comfort level with the horses and most importantly in her own self confidence.  This confidence flows over into other areas in her life as well and for that, we are so thankful for Lisa and her horses."    Steve and Holly
Participants riding horses develop core muscle strength, coordination, focus and balance.
.Dear HHR,
Just wanted to let you know that my daughter Aubrey who had her first lesson thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Her instructor did an awesome job with Aubrey and she is looking forward to next week.   You have an absolutely beautiful stable there…and I can tell that all your horses absolutely love it there.  Great job!